Frequently asked questions

How much is the deposit? How am I invoiced?

There is a $100 non-refundable deposit due at the time of booking, payable via PayPal or Credit Card, we will send you an invoice after you complete the booking form.

What are the payment requirements?

Balance is due in full one week before your party, payable via PayPal only. We do not accept personal checks or cash. Your party date and time is NOT reserved until Lush Princess Party Bus receives your party contract and deposit (included with the invoice).

What if there are fewer guests than expected?

You are responsible to pay for all confirmed number of girls attending. (example: booked a party for 8 girls but only 6 showed up you still have to pay for 8)

What about inclement weather or emergencies?

In the event of inclement weather, serious illness or other unforeseen emergencies of the party girl, we reserve the right to cancel the event and offer an alternative party date. We will try our best to accommodate your newly preferred date, but we cannot guarantee a specific date or time.

What about allergies?

Lush Princess Part Bus, LLC is not responsible for any allergic reactions as a result of our products and services. All guests are asked to provide any and all allergy information on the questionnaires provided before the day of your event to our staff. It will be your responsibility to check for food allergies and to inform us of any concerns. If a guest should have severe allergies that we are unable to accommodate, then either you or the child’s parent should provide alternate refreshments for that child.

What kind of products does my child have access to during her party?

Your child may have a makeup application with the use of eye shadow, blush and/or lip gloss and/ or lip tint. The use of hair accessories (braids, bows, clip on extensions, etc.), party props, clothing, etc. will be used during each party. Your child will be receiving manicure and pedicure services including, but not limited to, the use of sea salt soaks, polishing scrubs, scented lotions, foot baths, nail files, etc. Your child may also do a spa facial with cucumbers and/or moisturizers.

What do we need to know about safety and supervision?

During the event, your child may be going up and down stairs to get in and out of the bus. Lush Princess Party Bus is not responsible for any damages, accidents or injuries that may occur while under our supervision. To ensure saftey and sanitation, we do not cut nails or cuticles. We have a limit of 5 adults that may attend a party due to spacing, however, we do ask that adults remain in the waiting areas so the Lush Princess Staff is not disturbed. This will help ensure the party host and guests are having a superb time.

Can I bring my own desserts or food?

Cupcakes are provided, if you choose to bring your own cupcakes the price will not be prorated. Lush Princess will allow the party host to bring cupcakes, cakes and ice cream if you choose, however, please note we only supply basic plates and cutlery. Please keep in mind, Lush Princess parties are for the party host and their guests, therefore, we ask that the adults/parents do not bring any additional food or drinks for the adults that attend the party.

Is this bus mobile/in motion during the event?

We come to your location. We do not drive the bus during a party. You are responsible for having a parking space for the bus, & hotel clearance if your party will take place on a hotel property.

How far do you travel?

Lush Princess Party Bus will only travel up to 30 miles from downtown Columbus. If your location exceeds the mileage distance, we can accommodate your party at one of our parking locations.